“A natural born clown who amazes the public, and uses his elastic mimics and gestures to make you roar with laughter!”
– Le Festival Piste de Lancement, 2010

“A real discovery is the US clown Mick Holsbeke! Without any words he tells stories with his huge palette of impressions and fantastic, quick changing facial expressions. Comprehensible for everybody, and so hysterically funny that the audience has to dry their tears. “
– Anzeiger für das Oberfreiamt, 2011

“Really entertaining is also Mick Holsbeke. The American clown has a array of funny facial expressions. During the show he gets better and better…..and at the end of the show he performs an acrobatic-act on a big ball, nobody believed he could do. This clown is very strong and very funny!”
– Wohler Anzeiger, 2011

“And then there is the Clown Mick Holsbeke from the USA. Only because of him, it’s already worth visiting Circus Monti. How he creates a strange animal sound with his wide opened mouth, and his teetering through the ring – it’s really unique!”
– New Luzerner Zeitung, 2011

“Again and again Mick Holsbeke takes the amazed audience like out of a dream, back to the reality of the ring. This clown doesn’t only have a wonderfully infectious laugh and funny ideas, he also surprises the public with a big ball, on which he rolls easily through the ring. Mick controls the ball perfectly, and to the relief of the audience, he even knows how to slow it down!”
– Aargauer Zeitung, 2011

“Top marks for the 2009 National Circus School end of the year show go to clown Mick Holsbeke a skilled juggler and tightrope walkerbut more than that , the creator of an endearing clown character.”
– La Presse, 2009