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Moby Mick
CoProducteurs: Le Quartz Scéne Nationale, Blueline, Le Tandem, Théâtre Sénart
Tour Plan 2016 – 2017
At the center of the astral constellation, the whale, shines intensely a red star, somewhat like a comet, baptized Mira Ceti, the wonderful. A metaphor depicting Mick’s relationship to his internal clown, Moby Mick is a succession of acts held by him alone. With Harpoon, line, and accesories, our sailor, hunter hunted, is swallowed whole in the enormous belly of this immense leviathan. One’s comfortability inside the belly of a glorious whale, ebbs and flows not unlike the sea that contains them both. Some days are better than others, but there may be a limit to his patience. Five star hotel or pungent emptiness, It’s simply a matter of perspective.Will he ever escape? Or rather, will he spend the rest of his days the figment of someone’s imagination, a living myth; dreaming of life as it was before? Only time will tell, and only the sea of stories knows his fate.

Clown Workshop @ Elastique Citrique
Nyon, Switzerland
November 2-3, 2014
Mick lavishes in two intense days spent teaching and exploring the weird world of clown with 19 participants, at the Elastrique Citrique circus school in Nyon, Switzerland.
Quel delire! Merci, Danke, Thank you!

Cirque Plume
Caen, France
October 2-20, 2013

Mick returns to Europe to rejoin Cirque Plume in Caen, France for three weeks of shows with “Tempus Fugit?”



Motivational Assembly
Clermont, Florida
September, 2013
South Lake High School invites Mick to speak with senior acting students in regards to the creative process of being a professional artist, and how aspects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math are applied to, and influence the creation of large scale theatrical performances.

Cirque Plume, “Tempus Fugit?”
Besancon, France
March – August, 2013
Both Mick, and his partner Marie-Ève Dicaire join Cirque Plume for its new creation, “Tempus Fugit?.” 6 circus arts, and 6 musicians take to the stage for Cirque Plume’s 9th large production. “Tempus Fugit?” marks the 30th anniversary of this revolutionary circus, and is a “best of” creation, pulling on themes, music, and experiences Cirque Plume has lived over the last 30 years. After more than fifty shows since opening in May it is safe to say that Cirque Plume has once again succeeded in finding the magic that their faithful public have come to know.

The 7 fingers, “Loft”
Yokohama, Japan
February, 2013

Afters years of being inspired by the 7 Fingers show “Loft” I was pleased to be invited to join the crew, by replacing Patrick Leonard in a one week run outside Tokyo. five days of rehearsals the crew takes flight for Japan, and steals the show. Millions of fan photos later

Clown Lab & Physical Humor
Seattle, Washington, USA
December, 2012

Mick returns to his roots to share the tricks of the trade, offering a workshop series on Clowning and Physical Humor. Over the course of three weekends students explore the genetic makeup of of this illusive craft, and come up close and personal with the thing we call “Clown.”

Circus Syzygy : Phase 1
January 26 – March 11th
Mick and five other friends reunite in Seattle, Washington, USA for the first phase of creation for their new show as Circus Syzygy. This first phase took place at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA), and was largely made possible by a generous grant received by the Seattle Arts Council. and the artistic assistance of Marie-Josée Gauthier. Circus Syzygy is a collective endeavor functioning entirely off of consensus , and building itself from the pure sweat and grit of its only employees…..the artists. After six weeks of creation Syzygy presented 10 shows in the SANCA performance space, and then also made a feature presentation in this years Seattle based variety venue “Moisture Festival.” Circus Syzygy will return back to rehearsals for the second phase of their creation in Toulouse , France at La Grainerie.

MickHolsbeke01mCircus Monti “En Bloc”
January 10 – October 30th , 2011

After ten months , 47 cities, and 277 shows, the 27th season of Circus Monti in Switzerland, sadly comes to a close. Mick was one of 12 artists who performed on stage, constructed the circus tent, towed caravans, and delired publics day in and day out. Rico Grand Jean was this year’s director, and the show which was entitled “En Bloc”, was inspired by the influence of street arts , such as parkour, breakdance, and extreme sports, in circus. Being the only clown in this years show Mick was happy to pull from his background in acrobatic bicycle, and ten years as an amateur skateboarder to poke fun at the culture of cool that surrounds us today. Mick sends his warmest regards and deepest thanks to the Muntwyler.